Journey of the Piglet #2 Prudence, dear.

Coincidentally I ran into two different versions of the Beatles diamond “Dear Prudence” in the same period of time. Both are quite different, but all embody the wonderful beauty of the original:

Version 1 by Portuguese Zé Ramalho. Wonderfully sultry version of this song, with the percussion stealing the show for me.

Version 2 by the almighty Jerry Garcia Band of Grateful Dead fame. Live 1980. It’s Garcia, you have to see it live so no spotify here:

Dreams of Lasers & RIELLE – Fighting. I have been listening to this amazing production on repeat. Has an immensely enjoyable 70s vibe to it and the vocals work so well. I have been told the original lyrics were inspired by the fighting game for Playstation 1, Tekken 3. An all-time classic inspired by an all-time classic. Enjoy!

Esquenta Mulher – Banda de Pifanos de Caruaru: One of the most intriguing, uplifting percussive pieces I have ever heard. Extremely inspiring and speaking to the roots of what it means to be human.

Luna Rossa Caetano Veloso. Sweet hybrid Italo-latinoamerican song. Interesting to discover this on the local radio among the story of Italian migrants in Brazil, of which many are Napolitans.

I had it pointed out that Sopor Aeternus had some similar thematic vocabulary going on in their titles compared to some of the songs I’m working on right now. Luckily they make beautiful haunting music:

And an incredibly summery track. Enter summer. Summertime by Rosinha de Valença

You can follow these songs through my curated Spotify playlists below for you to enjoy!


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