New Glitchopper releases August

August saw the release of a waterfall of creativity on the Glitchopper Art Collective(c)-front:


The first track of our Vaporwave EP “‘ピュア B E / g / l I T C H.exe'” under pseudonym “RPPLEGOTCHI” was released and an immediate Youtube hit.

Glitcherphonic – How to Go Viral.

Bassist Hendrick Doncker also made a brilliant remake of our song “We Go Viral” in a full-blown Hooverphonic-style production, mixed & mastered by Piglet Porch. (Warning: this song will stay in your head for days, ask me how I know…)


A secret meeting has been concluded in the Glitchopper Art Collective to work on the first iteration of our Art Manifesto, which will soon find its way to the pamflette-outside-world.

From this Manifesto you will also soon find the wonderful new genre of Vignette Rap clogging the airwaves. Stay tuned!


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