Klankstromen 1: Villa Bota productions out now

All productions in this list are the result of 2 days of live experimental collaboration and improvisation at Villa Bota in Bruges under the Collab8000 moniker: Lowie Roegiers (bass), Emma-Ana├»s Masyn, Neil Haesebrouck (moog & noise), Alexander Joye, Dick d’ Alaise (drums), Piglet Porch(electric guitar & vocals) Edward Pitteljon, Wim VandeWalle en Bruno Masyn (knobs & synths)

Produced by Piglet Porch:
Wireless Wizard (Bruno Masyn on knobs, Neil Haesenbrouck on Moog & noise, Lowie on bass guitar, DD on drums, Piglet Porch on guitar & vocals)

Soul TV
(Lowie on Bass, DD on drums, Piglet Porch on guitar)

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