Journey of the Piglet #3 Mobile interplanetary happiness mythology.

I’ve been meaning to share this album by the great Semaphora for quite some time. It’s definitely worth delving into. Do not sleep on the lyrics while listening. The multi-lingualities and general conceptualness of the whole piece tying in all together really makes it speak to the imagination of the listener. There’s great writing all over the place, including their own description: “jazzy/indie/prog/rock, sounds like: Steely Dan in Adventure Time cosplay, 10,000 Maniacs giving a TED talk, or Leonard Bernstein’s tiny desk concert”

Favourite track: Mobilnik

Lawrence (band) brings pure happiness in a song and video, showcasing some of the most incredible pipes on people singing, probably ever.

The Beatles never died, they just reformed as Klaatu and prophesized the coming of alien overlords and for us to join them. Jokes and conspiracy theories from 1976 aside, this is a great 70s vibe prog-rock record, which has recently been seeing some more attention, including this new official video. Exciting times!

Sentics: Post-punk with lo-fi vibes that’s hard not to dig. Check out their videoclips as well, bringing together lots of interesting archival footage in a smorgasbord of not-our-memories for our brains to taste.

It’s moody. It’s dank. It’s Black Sabbath pre-Black Sabbath with some obvious Cream-sauce. It’s Mythology. Glad to have rediscovered this album recently. Also check out the other Pre-Sabbath Sabbath in “Earth” and their demo on youtube from 1969:

Not entirely sure what it is, but this shakes a lot of stuff loose inside of my musical brain. Something very primal about this and simply really, really fresh! Noga Erez

You can follow the best of Journey of the Piglet-songs through my curated Spotify playlists below for you to enjoy!


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