Journey of the Piglet #4

Insane production and a feelgood mantric bop experience brought by Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Rajastan Express. To be enjoyed in mind & body.

One of the most beautiful, life-transcending pieces of music I have ever heard. This music quite literally makes my body and mind realize it is floating through space happily and content.

Genius humoristic video and music from a bygone era in Belgian music by the legendary Urbanus:

I’ve been lucky to get to know personally some interesting artists and discuss their art at my own leisure from time to time. B.Disco (NL) has been one of those, he makes “hypnagogic pop” which I had never heard of, but which sounds very cool and has me reminiscing for memories I never had. An awesome feeling that has to be shared, check it out!

Insanely beautiful counterpoint vocal harmonies in a lovely tune by Julia Holter:

Last but not least, the awe-inspiring “Shaolin” by Le Motel ft Magugu. Discovered when cruising through Ghent last summer, listening to Urgent.FM (thanks to Diederik at Urgent.FM for providing me with the title!). Ab-so-lutely badass stuff, this!

You can follow the best of Journey of the Piglet-songs through my curated Spotify playlists below for you to enjoy.

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