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Piglet Porch is a multi-instrumentalist with an insatiable thirst for creating a wealth of music and performing it live. He wants to make people feel things through music to spread the sensations great music has given and keeps on giving him.

Contact info

Tel: +32478391870

Mail: pigletporch@gmail.com


Piglet Porch is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer and composer who explores the stories living in his mind (and in his character’s minds.) PP has been performing and recording as live musician, arranger, producer and vocalist extraordinaire for 14+ years, in styles ranging from rock and jazz, to experimental electronic music, post-pop, post-punk, hip-hop, bluegrass and any other style that the muse evoked.

As a solo artist, from 2020 on, PP started recording, writing and releasing his own music independently, as well as collaborating with an international array of up and coming musicians and producers, as well as some more established composers. Many of these collaborations are currently in the pipeline and will see many releases in 2021 and 2022. Exciting times ahead for Piglet Porch & fans!

More info: www.pigletporch.be

Live performance booking information

  • Piglet Porch Unplugged: Acoustic guitar and the copyrighted Piglet Porch Vocals © provide a perfect backdrop for sultry summer afternoons and evenings. The setlist ranges from calm, folky psychedelica atmospheres to more quirky acoustic explorations.
  • Piglet Porch Live: Full instrumentation, live looping with experimental drum machines, colourful synths, whirlwinds of electric guitar, acoustic ballad moments as well as piano serenades… This is Piglet Porch at its most eclectic and thus finest.


Download Piglet Porch Unplugged Stageplan

Download Piglet Porch Full Livesetup Stageplan

Press, reviews & radio appearances

Op Z’n Belgisch review van single “Modder” https://opznbelgisch.wordpress.com/2021/04/30/de-debuutsingle-van-piglet-porch-laat-de-dichter-diep-vanbinnen-spreken/

"Voor mij kan dit nummer perfect tussen de kleinkunst klassiekers gaan staan. Het is poëtisch, vertellend, muzikaal en simpel." - OpZ'nBelgisch


Oakland producer Popijininsky reviews “Modder” https://indiemusicfeedback.com/sometimes-you-gotta-go-it-alone-imf-community-playlist-june-2021/

"A sampler plate of psych-folk styles. Rich, warm, satisfying." - Popijininsky


Appearances on radio & playlists:


Playlists that appreciated and added “Modder” in the past:

  • Mayway Records
  • Roadie Music (New Sounds of Europe)

Piglet Porch has garnered over 150 unique listeners on Spotify since his first release in May 2021.

Latest news

  • 1st of May 2021 saw the release of latest single Modder and a warm reception by critics and audience alike.
  • Currently PP is fully engrossed with multiple international collaborations with:
    • Cosmoose (proggy guitars and vocals by Piglet Porch)
    • Séan (dreamy alternative pop with catchy vocals by Piglet Porch)
    • KMDDR (Plunderphonics & Gorillaz/Damon Albarn-inspired sad hop. (sadboi vocals by Piglet Porch)
    • Guitar, arrangement & production with Glitchopper.
    • Vocals for film composer Koen Janssen (release 2022)
  • After many uncertainties due to the pandemic, Tour dates are finally rolling in:
    • July 19: MFFEST – International Online Festival 
    • July 21: Ballonnenvrees (Unique performance by PP of Zappaesque slam poetry and cabaret) at Koolskaai, Antwerp, Belgium 14:00
    • August 14: Summer concert Geensmolen in Linter, Belgium, 19:00
    • Sept 5: Live at “Who’s afraid of Red, Yellow &  Blue” 14:00-1900 (with Ean Jones [UK] , Veelvraat, Circus 3000, Tegen Beter Weten In)
    • Sept 9: Live at Rua Room (AER Acoustic Livestream Concerts)
  • If you’re lucky you can find Piglet Porch during a street performance in Ghent, Antwerp or Brussels in the months of July, August, September 2021.

Direct links to music & videos

Modder (single)

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2PcLT0idpcIL6zasT20Eqr?si=72d994ce515f4072

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_zoYORRdvg

Piglet Porch was invited to join on “Life’s Everyday Soundtrack” vol. 14 and created a space epic “Out, Spacing”, to be seen and reviewed at timestamp 40:20



Piglet Porch covers Hersencellen (with Gert Vanlerberghe & Bootsie Butsenzeller) for the “I Got You Covered”, Ghent-based, project, in a live-looping tour de force


Piglet Porch performs Mephisto live at Rooftop Concert


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