Piglet Pro (Audio)

Music Composition

Early 2021 I started composition work for the Original Sound Track for the promising upcoming video game Elementia.

Listen to some examples of the compositions here or follow the game to hear my work in its intended context:

Piglet Porch a.k.a. Bork the Bard Cave of the Nilbog

Under the pseudonym and persona “Bork the Bard” I produce, translate and perform Bardcore on Youtube. These are medievally-inspired renditions of famous contemporary songs. It’s great practice and exposition of production skills, specifically interesting for arrangement and production considerations. Check out my channel here!

Audio Engineering

Recording Engineer – Silent Snare’s self-titled debut album

Recording & Mixing Engineer – Glitchopper E=P Debut Album

Recording Engineer – Quetzal Duo

Recording, Production, Mixing – All Piglet Porch & Bork the Bard releases


Sound Design

I am also doing the sound & audio design for the video game Elementia.

My work here includes field recording, designing any and all game sounds (gathering sounds, foley work, ambience, 3D positional sound…) and implementation considerations as well as making it all a cohesive whole.

Feel free to contact me if you have any sound or audio design that needs doing. I am also available for foley and sound design requirements for movie & video.

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